Impacts mapped

If we do not take action to stop climate change, Ireland, along with the rest of the world may experience further climatic changes such as higher temperatures, extreme and unpredictable weather events and higher sea levels. Even if we were to stop emitting greenhouse gases now, the effects of our current emissions will still be felt over the next 30-40 years.

The effects of climate change are not uniform; some regions will suffer (e.g. extreme weather events, drought, disease, sea level rise), while others may benefit (e.g. warmer winters or increased crop yields). The overall effects are, however, estimated to be highly negative and will have major social, economic and environmental implications. The possible impacts of climate change are unpredictable, diverse and subject to continued scientific study.

Discover the impacts of climate change by using the interactive Google map below. Select whether you want to look at Global Impacts or Local Impacts, and click on the pins to see the kinds of impacts anticipated at various locations and spatial scales. Alternatively, to go on an interactive global climate expedition click here

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