Large Industry

2017 emissions in the Energy Industries sector showed a decrease of  6.9% or 0.86 Mt CO2eq which is attributable 5.9% decrease in fossil fuel consumption (21.2% decrease in coal and 6.2% decrease in peat) and an increase of 21.1% and 1.6% respectively for electricity generated from wind and hydro renewables that year  (EPA, 2019). This is reflected in a 9.1 % increase in the emissions intensity of power generation in 2017 (437 g CO2/kWh) compared with 2016 (480 g CO2/kWh). Renewables now account for 29.6% of electricity generated in 2017 (up from 25.5% in 2016). Ireland exported 2.3% of electricity generated in 2017 (EPA, 2019).

Ireland has exceeded its annual binding limits in 2016 and 2017. Ireland is now projected to cumulatively exceed its compliance obligations between approximately 9-10 Mt CO2 (depending on whether the Existing Measures scenario or the Additional Measures scenario is implemented). The latest projections for 2018-2040, published in June 2019, can be found here.

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