Large Industry

2016 emissions in the Energy Industries sector show an increase of 6.1% or 0.72 Mt CO2eq which is attributable to an increase in natural gas use for electricity generation by 27.7% and reductions of 6.5% and 15.6% respectively for electricity generated from wind and hydro renewables. This is reflected in a 3.8% increase in the emissions intensity of power generation in 2016 (483 g CO2/kWh) compared with 2015 (465 g CO2/kWh). Renewables now account for 25.6% of electricity generated in 2016 (down from 27.3% in 2015). Ireland exported 2.4% of electricity generated in 2016 (EPA, 2017).

Projections by the EPA indicate that even in the best case scenario, Ireland will breach its overall annual obligations for GHG emissions under the EU 2020 target in 2017 (EPA, 2012). The latest projections for 2014-2035, published in May 2015, can be found here.

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