Irish Water Spaniel


The Irish Water Spaniel has a long history and it is thought that the breed originated in Persia. The first Irish reference to “water dogs that pursue water fowl” dates to 1600.

Description & function

Irish Water Spaniels
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A natural water dog, the stout, strong Irish Water Spaniel is the choice of the wildfowl hunter. This smart, loyal breed can be adapted for most forms of shooting and will also point and retrieve. It is sometimes known as the ‘clown’ of the spaniels, probably due to its topknot of long curly hair between its eyes and the humorous behaviour it sometimes displays when working. It has a dense coat of tightly curled hair, typically a rich liver colour with a purple hue.   It is sometimes referred to as ‘Shannon Spaniel’, ‘Whip-Tail Spaniel’, ‘Rat-Tail Spaniel’. Its unique tail indicates that the Irish Water Spaniel had an indigenous Irish ancestor.

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