What you can do

  • Be aware of nature around you, it will make you more appreciative of what we have.
  • Consider eating food produced locally and fruits and vegetables in season. This will help cut down greenhouse gas emissions air miles which lead to global warming
  • Consider using natural methods to protect garden flowers and plants from insects and diseases e.g. using eggshells around plants to protect them from slugs.
  • Create great compost for your garden by composting organic waste. Your garden has its own habitat. You can encourage wildlife to come in.
  •  Feed the birds in winter. Eventually, you will have a rich and interesting ecosystem. Did you know that the robin is very territorial? If you look after your robins, they will get to know you.
  •  Reduce your carbon emissions by turning off light switches and other electrical appliances when you are not using them.
  • Use public transport where possible. Walk or cycle to school or work.
  • Tell your TD about your concern over habitat destruction in your area and add your voice to the forum section of Biology.ie 

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