Mountbellew Lake

Mountbellew Lake and its hinterland was once part of the Bellew Estate, which consists of wooded areas and deer park. The wood is a haven for birds and many other wildlife species including Wild Mink, Red Squirrels, Bats, Otters and Rabbits.

Red Squirrel
Copyright John Kennedy

Mountbellew Lake itself is a sanctuary for all types of waterfowl. Mallard Ducks, Teal Ducks, Wild Geese, Heron, Coot, Pheasants and Swans all enjoy the undisturbed habitat of the area.

To the east of the lake is Crane Island , named after the birds that occupied it, although it is rare to see these birds around the island today. One can enjoy plenty of chirping and singing from the many species of songbirds around the Mountbellew Lake and woodland.

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