Sustainable Development

The 2010 Local Authority Management Association award for the Best Eco-Friendly Building went to St. Mary’s Credit Union in Navan. The architects Paul Leech Gaia Ecotecture conceive buildings as living organisms and aim to create designs that will work in harmony with the local weather and natural resources.

The building features a timber frame, double wall, photovoltaic solar panels, as well as a living roof of grasses and bamboo. This roof has incorporated a rainwater harvesting system, which irrigates the plants and provides water for toilet flushing in the building. The building also makes optimum use of natural light and a peace garden has been designed in the immediate surroundings.

The Navan Credit Union building is an excellent example of a cutting-edge sustainable building, and has been included in the book Sustainable Buildings in Practice: What the Users Think, by George Baird.

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