County Waterford Local Biodiversity Action Plan (2008-2013)

In 2008 Waterford County Council adopted a five year Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), aiming to “contribute to the conservation and enhancement of natural heritage in Waterford for the benefit of people and wildlife within the county”.

Biodiversity Action Plans are important as the increasing pressure on the environment in today’s world results in the loss of habitats and species. The arrival of non-native invasive species disrupts the local environment. For example, the spread of rhododendron in woodland and heath habitats, Japanese Knotweed along watercourses and Chinese Mitten Crab that has been found in Waterford estuary in recent years.

The Waterford County Council BAP includes provision for a number of areas:

  1. Research to fill gaps in knowledge on Waterford’s biodiversity
  2. Education and raising awareness of the county’s natural heritage
  3. Actions to protect and enhance Waterford’s wealth of natural resources and habitats.

A PDF of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan is available from the Waterford County Council website. This also includes examples of existing projects relevant to biodiversity in County Waterford.

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