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The Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals
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The sustainable development trajectory, introduced by the United Nations, encompasses 17 post-2015 set goals that have, to a great extent, been integrated into global environmental policy, as well as other policy sectors. They were designed and adopted by countries around the world, determined to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. The majority of the SDGs are clearly relevant to improving human health and wellbeing, with one of its goals (Goal 3) completely dedicated to this topic. The sustainable development framework reflects the strong relationship between improved health and wellbeing and sustainable living.


Sustainable Development Adoption in Ireland

Ireland has its own national strategy for sustainable development titled ‘Our Sustainable Future’ where sustainability challenges are clearly laid out against recommendations to address them in ensuring that the general wellbeing of Ireland's society can be improved and sustained in the future. Recommendations suggest that better health and environmental outcomes would involve transparency, inclusivity and engagement from the public.

Findings from the recently introduced Public Participation Networks (PPNs), aimed at enhancing public participation in decision making, show that ensuring sustainability in local communities is a priority objective for the public of Ireland. PPNs are now established in every county and city across Ireland, based on three pillars: environment, social inclusion, and community and voluntary (EPA, 2019).

 Healthy Ireland is a government led initiative that responds to targets set in sustainable development goal 3 in improving the health and wellbeing of everyone living in Ireland.

To view Ireland progress towards reaching sustainable development goal 3 “ Ensure healthy lives and promote well- being for all at all ages” please visit Ireland's SDG Geohive website.


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