Environmental Noise Regulations 2006

These regulations define environmental noise as unwanted or harmful outdoor sound created by human activities. This includes transport noise, road traffic, rail traffic, air traffic and from sites of industrial activity. They do not control domestic or neighbourhood noise.

The directive sets out a clear two-stage plan for the curbing of environmental noise:

      1. Noise maps for areas and infrastructure are made within defined criteria;

     2. Based on these results, noise action plans for each area must be made.

In 2009 the EPA produced a Guidance Note for Noise Action Planning and a Guidance Note for Strategic Noise Mapping, a revised version of which was published in 2011. These provide practical information, advice and guidance to designated Action Planning Authorities on the devlopment of noise action plans under the Environmental Noise Regulations. The latest EPA noise mapping and action planning reports can be found here.

The Environmental Protection Agency are the National Authority with overall responsibility for implementation of the Regulations.  Implementation at local level is a matter for the local authorities concerned and Dublin Airport Authority, the National Roads Authority, Iarnród Éireann and the Railway Procurement Agency.

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