Current Home Energy Consumption

Homes in Ireland are heavily dependent on fossil fuels as a means of heating. For instance, data from the Central Statistics Office in 2015 shows that the majority (approximately 73%) of households in Ireland use either gas or oil heating systems to heat their homes (see image). Household data related to central heating from the most recent census (Census 2016) shows the spatial distribution of households nationally based on the central heating methods used to heat their homes, including oil, gas, electricity, coal and peat. The image below shows the spatial distribution of households using oil central heating to heat their homes based on Census 2016 data. You can create your own national map of household central heating usage, including where gas, electricity, coal and peat are most used by households nationally by following the Census 2016 link. Once you have navigated to the website, from the Layer List box, click Housing > Central Heating > Central Heating Type e.g. % Oil Central Heating or % Coal Central Heating etc. Researchers at Maynooth University have worked in collaboration with the Central Statistics Office to create this interactive public-friendly mapping facility.

Households using Oil Central Heating
Courtesy CSO

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