Grow Your Own Tree

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Growing trees is very easy and its free!

Collect tree seeds in autumn. Put them in a shed or a paper bag. Keep them dry and don’t let the mice eat them!

You can plant acorns that fall from the oak tree in pots. Garden centres sometimes give old pots away for free.

Make sure the pots don’t dry out. It’s easy to put a pot on the window ledge and forget about it.

Sometimes it’s better to plant them in the garden. Remember to cover the acorns with lots of soil. This stops animals and birds from digging them up. They would eat them for supper!


You could grow your own forest. The big problem would be to find a place to put all the trees!

If some of your seeds don’t grow, don’t give up! It’s natural that not all of them will grow right away.

Some trees, such as the hazel, take two years to grow. There's no need to be in a hurry!