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The robin is one of Ireland's favourite birds. It is very friendly and will often sit on windowsills. It is not afraid of people at all! It is very easy to spot a robin. It has a bright orange-red coloured breast.

Robin on a rock
Copyright John Kennedy

The female robin builds the nest. She likes to build it in cracks in walls, hedges or tree stumps. Some have even built their nests in tin cans. If you put a nest box outside, you will probably find a robin nesting there soon.

Robins eat of worms, insects, snails and fruit. Sometimes they will even take fruitcake from your hand!

The robin does not like it when another robin comes into its area. If another robin come too close, it puffs up its little red breast and sings out loud to warn him off!

You can listen to the robin’s song here. 

Robin Video