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Urban Fox
Courtesy of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government

Madra Rua

There are a lot of red foxes in Ireland. Would you know a red fox if you saw one? They are normally a red colour and have long, pointy ears.

Foxes can live in many different habitats. They can live in snowy places, meadows or in cities where there are big gardens. Forests are their favourite place to live.

Foxes live underground in ‘dens’ or ‘earths’. These are just like rabbit holes, only bigger.

Sometimes a den is made from an old rabbit hole. Foxes sometimes have a number of dens in their habitat.

In the city, dens can be found in the strangest of places. There are lots of fox dens in Dublin. They have been found in: gardens, sheds, compost heaps, a church basement, a utility room of a private house (amongst the laundry!) and in a scrap car in a junkyard!