Dark Depths

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Some parts of the ocean are very deep, dark and cold. They are more than 1,000 metres deep. These areas don’t get any sunlight at all.

Many fish and plants couldn’t survive in there. Only very tough animals live there. Below are some examples.

Giant squids have eight arms and two long tentacles. These tentacles are used to bring fish and other food to its mouth. They even eat smaller squid!

Giant squids have the largest eyes of all the animals on Earth. The biggest squid ever found was 18 meters long.

Anglerfish cartoon

The anglerfish is a very unique fish. It has a round, orange body that looks like a basketball. Its has a large mouth and sharp teeth. The anglerfish grows to about 1 ft long.

A piece of the spine hangs out over the mouth of the female. This looks like a short fishing rod and is how the fish gets its name. The very end of this rod glows in the dark. Fish move to the light and the anglerfish eats them. The anglerfish can swallow fish that are twice its size!

Hatchetfish cartoon

Deep sea hatchetfish only grow 6 inches long. Can you guess why this fish is called a hatchetfish?

It is the same shape as a hatchet that is used for chopping wood!

The hatchetfish has large, round eyes on top of its head. This helps them to see any food that falls from above. The hatchetfish can make itself lighter or darker to blend in with the colour in the water. This helps them to hide from other animals that are hunting.