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The sea-shore is the place where the sea meets the land. There are usually sandy beaches and rocks at the sea-shore.

We are lucky in Ireland to have lots of beaches. There are lots of tiny animals living under the sand and along the rocks.
The beach is so much fun to explore!

Typical rockpool area at the sea-shore

Do you know any of the animals that live along the shore? Here are three examples.

A star fish looks like a star! It usually has five arms, but some starfish have more.

Did you know that if a star fish loses one of its arms, it can grow it back again?!

The rocks at this rockpool are covered in barnacles

Have you ever seen cone-shaped shells on the rocks? Tiny animals called barnacles live underneath these shells.

Barnacles only come out from their shell when they are covered in water. 

Blennies are tiny animals with long bodies. They live in shallow water along the sea-shore. Some blennies are very colourful. Others have a spots or stripes. This helps them to hide in their habitat.

Blennies have teeth that grow in their lips. These help them to eat plants that grow on rocks.