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The subject of the lesson is a study on the development of farming from earliest times to the present day. The methodology is to empower the child to create and develop a project on food and farming by providing the necessary structure and scaffolding for them to complete the project.

It is intended that each child will be able to complete their project using the lessons provided and sourcing the information from the media bank. The children will also be encouraged to visit their local library whenever possible.

Although the project can be completed in 3rd or 4th class, it will also be relevant in higher classes.The attached module on food and farming therefore contains the information base for several lessons from the SESE curriculum. It can be used from 3rd to 6th classes The strands and strand units are outlined in the following section but are not exclusive as the spiral nature of the curriculum enables the teacher to explore many other subject areas particularly environmental care, food science etc. The resource bank contains extra resources which will be useful to a pupil completing a project in the area of food and farming and the project can be redirected as the teacher feels necessary.