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Safe Cross Code



How to be a Safe Pedestrian

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Click on the icon to view a pdf booklet that shows us how to be safe as a pedestrian.

Published by the National Safety Council.

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We have heard how to cross the road properly and learned about the rules of the road. Discuss with your friends how you apply road safety in your daily journeys.

  • You should wear your helmet at all times when cycling.
  • Children under 12 years of age should be accompanied when cycling.
  • A bicycle is a vehicle and must follow the same rules as other road users. For example, traffic lights apply to cyclists too.
  • Footpaths are for pedestrians not cyclists.
  • Make sure the bicycle is the right size for you so you can reach the brakes properly.
  • Check your brakes, lights, reflectors, tyres and bell regularly to make sure they are working and in good order.

Going to school

Download and print this guide for your parents.

It is named 'Going to School - A parents guide to getting children to school safely.'

It is published by the Road Safety Authority.

Discuss with your friends what you can do to improve your safety needs going to school.