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The content and the activities being developed on the Ask About Ireland site around the topic "farming" is developed for Third and Fourth class level. The content and activities in this unit links very closely to the primary history curriculum. Through the study of this broad theme the central aim is to cultivate children's knowledge of Irish history as well as to develop certain historical skills and concepts. The unit is designed particularly to develop children's knowledge of farming at different times in the past. The intention is that children will increase their understanding of time and chronology and change and continuity as they work through the activities of the unit. They will encounter evidence of farming in periods in the very distant past such as the Stone Age right up to a more modern period, farming in the time of their grandparents and nowadays. The chronological approach to the topic is intended to help children to notice causes for certain developments in farming and also constraints at particular periods. The unit encourages children to pose and answer questions and to engage in activities such as solving a particular questions or puzzles.


By choosing farming as a theme an integrated approach to learning history and geography can be adopted by the teacher using the unit with children. The unit could also link well to the science curriculum by an examination of different types of foods, mixing and dissolving foods or through a study of plants which are eaten as food by humans, farm animals and wild animals. Integration with science might allow a study of nutrition at different periods in the past and nowadays.