The Middle Stone Age

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Long ago, about 9,000BC, there were Stone Age people living in Ireland. This was the Middle Stone Age. People did not know how to farm the land or tame animals. They got food by hunting animals, fishing and gathering fruits and nuts.

Hunter-gatherers in Ireland, c.9000 BC

This is a drawing of some hunter-gatherers in Ireland in the Middle Stone Age.

What are these people doing?
What are their houses like?
Are they different to people who live in Ireland today?


This quiz is based on a drawing of two hunter-gathers who lived in Ireland during the Middle Stone Age.

See how much you can learn about these people by examining the picture carefully.


Way of Life

At this time people made tools such as harpoons and spears from wood and stones. These tools helped them to fish and hunt. However very often they were not able to find food to hunt or gather.

What do you think would happen if the hunter-gatherers could not find any food?

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