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Is your school involved in the Green Schools Programme?

This programme can help everyone in your school to become more aware of the environment. An important aim is to reduce all types of waste in schools – energy, water, food, litter and more. Most schools reduce their waste by 65% or more!

Green Schools is about more than reducing waste. It is also about creating green areas outside and supporting different plant and animal life. The whole local community becomes involved in the Green Schools Programme. You can help others to take care of the environment by telling them what you have learned.  

How does it work?

Schools focus on one area of the environment at a time. These are called ‘themes’ and include:

Litter & Waste
European & Global Citizenship
Climate Change

The Green Schools Programme works on a ‘seven steps’ system. This means that there are seven steps to take for each theme. Once your school has taken these seven steps, it is awarded a Green Flag for that theme.

If your school isn’t involved in the Green Schools Programme, why not ask your teacher about getting involved? Your ideas can be as creative as you like – it really is lots of fun!

Your teacher can read more about the ‘seven steps’ under the section Ideas for Teachers.

User contributions:

By omcdonald | 2010-12-26 23:59:51

St.Tiarnach's P.S. Clones. Our Greener Space

By Competition Entry 12 | 2011-01-04 12:50:50

Blooming Amazing - St Thomas’ SNS

This film encapsulates the essence of our community garden. This film has been made by our third class, over a period of two months, and it carefully portrays a special message about what our garden means to us. It has been edited to a timeframe of five minutes, presenting all sections of the garden, in which the children have created and cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. The film speaks volumes. Our garden is indeed ‘Blooming Amazing’. In light of this, we recently have been honoured with a film award for Primary schools FÍS, in the category of ‘Best Use of the Environment’, Presented by Mary McAleese. This documentary really captures our success story.

By Competition Entry 12 | 2011-01-05 11:57:59

Blooming Amazing School Garden: Before and After

Before and after the Blooming Amazing School Garden was created.

By Competition Entry 13 | 2011-01-05 12:30:12

School Garden: Rathfarnham Educate Together National School

The twenty seven children of 4th class worked in four separate groups, brainstorming all our initiatives in the school to ‘be green’. Then they wrote their scripts and set off around the school to showcase their place! They worked very hard over a couple of weeks to highlight how they recycle, conserve energy and water, encourage biodiversity and educate each other on green matters! Each group presented, directed, filmed and edited their own work.