School Buildings

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Looking at school design in the past

When was your school built? Is it a modern school do you think?

Many new national schools were built after the Education Act of 1831 which gave free primary education to children in Ireland.
Architects had to design new school buildings.

Does this building look like a school?

Do you think the design is interesting?

Bailieborough: What can you tell from the picture?

Examine the picture of the model school in Bailieborough.

  • Is the school on flat or sloped land? Do the grounds of the school look like a safe place to play?
  • Do you notice any traffic barriers? Why do you think this is?
  • Do you notice any cables which might show evidence of electricity being used?

Look at the design of Bailieborough Model School:

Is the building made of concrete or stone? Is the outside of the building in good condition or has it been damaged?

Damage that occurs to buildings over time

Can Buildings Be Damaged By The Weather?

Over time the weather can affect the structure and appearance of a building. Damage caused by weather is called weathering.
Rain, frost and heat can do damage to any surfaces that are out in the open.

School buildings can be damaged by weathering. Some stone on buildings, like limestone, wears down more easily than harder stone like granite.
Can you see examples of weathering on the Bailieborough model school building?

Older buildings can also be damaged by vandalism. Do you see any damage caused by vandalism in the picture?


Look closer at the image and answer the questions:

Look closer at the image and answer the questions: