Some Map Facts

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Did You Know?

No-one knows the exact date when the first map was created. However, we do know that down through the centuries, maps have been written in all sorts of ways and on all sorts of materials. Below are some facts about our maps of the Past.

- Maps were written in all sorts of ways and on all sorts of material. Click here to find out more.

- In 1973 two maps from the second century B.C. were found in China. One of these was a topographic map, the other was military. They were both written on silk. Do you think it would be difficult to draw a map on silk?

- Eskimos used driftwood, bone and pebbles to represent routes or trading grounds.

- Early maps were often local, showing people where things were within a limited area.

- In the past, maps were often used by abbeys and also the estates of wealthy landowners.

- Some of the first detailed maps of places were made by armies.