Grand Jury Map of Carlow

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On the right-hand side of the map you will find a section with the heading "Reference". This includes very useful information for the Grand Jury.

It tells us how much arable land and how much land covered by mountain and bog were in each of five baronies of Rathvilly, Carlow, Forth, Idrone & St. Mullins. Arable land is land that you can grow things on and would be much more valuable than land that was covered in mountain or bog. Why would the Grand Jury need this information?

Based on the information given, which of the five baronies do you think was likely to pay higher taxes and rates?

Do you know the modern day name for Queen's County which is shown west of County Carlow on this map? Click here to find out the answer.


Examine the 1798 Grand Jury Map of Carlow

Examine the 1798 Grand Jury Map of Carlow