Pros and Cons of Development

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  • Home Life in Donegal

Growing Pains

The rush for new houses drives developers to provide large numbers of buildings quickly. This often means they concentrate on speed and low cost, rather than designing attractive buildings in which to live and work.

There has been an increase in the construction of cheap, multiple housing developments. These can be poorly laid out, with little landscaping or green areas.

Another result of the housing boom in Donegal is the growth of the small villages close to bigger towns.

For example, villages close to Letterkenny like Kilmacrenan, Ramelton and Manorcunningham are seeing plenty of new construction, as land near the town becomes scarcer.

In addition, living in a rural environment is attracting more people who wish to avoid the expense and stress of cities.

Maintaining Donegal's Character

Growth benefits Donegal because it increases the wealth of the county. However, concern is growing among locals that the new buildings are destroying the traditional rural landscape. The houses pictured below are typical examples of old-style Donegal houses.

With these concerns in mind, Donegal has employed its own Heritage Officer, whose role includes raising awareness of the county's cultural heritage.

The aim is to encourage the use of local materials, such as Mountcharles stone, and architectural styles, which will help to avoid disturbing the beauty of the surrounding landscape.