Restoration Hope

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  • Baths and Bathing

'Finally, it is regrettable and incredible that a facility which provided such healthy social and innocent entertainment and enjoyment to so many generations of Blackrock (and greater Dublin) residents, should have been allowed to fall into neglect and disuse, when the need for such amenities for 'youth' of all ages, has never been greater.

'Surely in these days of the ubiquitous Celtic tiger, even in its weakened state, there is still a benefactor/entrepreneur/speculator or two out there who might take a gamble - perhaps in conjunction with the County Council or Corporation - and restore the baths to the original use, and thus provide a valuable viable social and commercial amenity for the wider Blackrock community, who would surely welcome such a phoenix-like renaissance.

'We live in hope.'


This article is reproduced from 'Memories of Blackrock Baths' Volume 9, 2001 of the Blackrock Society Proceedings. With thanks to Billy Morrison, John Stafford, Donal O'Neil

This article was used for 'Swimming In Blackrock Baths' Exhibition that was part of the Blackrock Library Centenary Celebrations in 2005.

Billy kindly gave permission for this article and personal photos to be used for the educational purposes behind the ASK ABOUT IRELAND primary school resource section. Thanks also to Manolo Demery for some of the photos used.