Bathing Conditions in 1897

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  • Baths and Bathing

The need for baths in Dun Laoghaire at the end of the nineteenth century is well documented. The Public Health Officer for Kingstown, Mr. J. Byrne-Power, wrote in 1897:

'The want of bathing places for all classes in the Township, from a sanitary point of view alone, is much to be regretted. The former site of the free bathing place for females is now occupied by the tanks of the main drainage board.

As regards a bathing place for the well-to-do, the construction of one, though very desirable from a sanitary point of view alone, seems so involved in questions of finance that it is hardly for me to touch upon it. It may, however, be permissible to point out the strange anomaly of a seaside resort so charmingly situated as Kingstown, without a respectable open sea bathing place. The fact that we are unfortunately so cut off from the sea shore, in comparison with other sea side towns, is the reason why every effort should be made to take advantage in every way of the little open sea coast that is left us.'