Descriptions of the Baths

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  • Baths and Bathing

The Gate of Ireland: Beautiful Dun Laoghaire: Official Guide described Dun Laoghaire Baths as follows:

'About midway on the seafront are the famous Dun Laoghaire Baths. There are separate sections for ladies, gentlemen and for children. The erection of these baths cost £13,000. They are equipped in first class style. In addition to the swimming and plunge baths, there are 'needle' baths, 'slipper' baths, 'shower' baths, 'hot sea water' baths, etc. Attached is a laundry, in which the towels etc., are washed and dried, thus, ensuring perfect disinfection and spotless cleanliness. Rest lounges and refreshment rooms are also provided. In front are the open sea baths, with an excellent diving board. Those who prefer deeper water have only to walk a few perches onwards to find themselves at Sandycove 'Forty-Foot' bathing place. There is no finer natural swimming pool anywhere than at the Forty-Foot.'

The following quote is from the 1936 publication, Dun Laoghaire: The history, scenery and development of the district, prepared in connection with the Town Planning Survey, by Manning Robertson:

'Dun Laoghaire Baths, perfectly situated on the centre of the sea front, contain three pools; the principal pool being 146 feet by 30 feet, the children's pool being 90 feet by 50 feet and a baby's pool of elliptical shape 31 feet by 28 feet. There are 43 men's boxes, 127 ladies' boxes, a tearoom, lounge, laundry and offices. Provision for medical baths include hot water, shower, slipper, needle, seaweed, sulphur, alkaline and Russian (steam) baths. New baths are to be provided in place of the above at Dun Laoghaire at a cost of some £65,000. These will include a large swimming pool 300 yards by 100 yards, sun bathing benches, hot and cold medicinal and ultra violet baths, a large palm lounge for use as for a café, concerts and dances. It is also proposed subsequently to add warm salt water baths for winter use.'