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There are popular bathing areas at Seapoint, Sandycove, the Forty Foot, Vico, White Rock, Killiney Strand and Shankill or Corbawn beach. Shankill or Corbawn beach is very stony, but is a popular swimming and walking spot with the local residents. Vico Baths were formerly, like the Forty Foot, for gentleman bathers only. They are accessible down a cliff walk and by crossing a footbridge off the Vico Road, Killiney.

Killiney Strand is an extension of White Rock beach and can be accessed from here at low tide, or from Killiney itself. It has had a long history of swimmers, bathers and day-trippers. Killiney was popular as a bathing place as early as the eighteenth century. The coming of the railway made it much more accessible both to Dublin residents and tourists.

Many old photographs of Killiney Beach show how popular it was. It is still a popular beach for swimming, fishing and water sports. Travellers on the DART have access to a lovely view of Killiney Strand and bay.