Blanchardstown Village

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  • Blanchardstown Through Time

Until the 1980s, Blanchardstown was a quiet village surrounded by farmland.

Today, it is one of the fastest growing areas of Fingal, the fastest growing county in Ireland.

As the area has developed, many new buildings have replaced old ones, and many new roads have been built to facilitate the continuously growing surrounding community and economy.

Main Street has changed a great deal since the beginning of the twentieth century, but it is still dominated by St. Brigid's Church, which was built in the nineteenth century.

The foundation stone for the church was laid on 13 October 1835. The first mass was celebrated in the church on 29 October, 1849.

The lovely church spire was restored in 1985 with the help of parishioners. When illuminated at night, it is particularly striking.

Today, St. Brigid's is a thriving, welcoming parish, which provides an invaluable focal point for the surrounding local community.

In the past, Blanchardstown village was an important focal point for its surrounding agricultural community.

In times gone by, the village had its own forge, located on the corner of Main Street and the Clonsilla Road.

Local farmers went to the forge to have new shoes put on their horses and to repair or replace metal farm tools.

A Chinese takeaway now stands on the site of the old forge.