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A currach is a type of boat unique to the west coasts of Ireland and Scotland. Traditionally, currachs have a wooden frame over which animal skins or hides are streched. These days, the wooden frame is more likely to be covered in canvas which is then painted with tar to make it waterproof.

The Kerry Naomhog

"Naomhóg" is the name given to the type of currach which used by coastal communities in Cork and Kerry. Currachs differ from each other from region to region. Naomhógs are slightly longer than the currachs used in the West of Ireland.


Some people believe that currachs first came to the Dingle Peninsula in the early 19th century. They say that this type of boat was introduced from Clare, where currachs are known as "canoes".



Naomhógs were used by the people of the Blasket Islands as fishing vessels, as well as for transport to the mainland. Naomhógs were easy to handle and manoeuvre. Fishermen could get nearer to the rocky shoreline than in other types of fishing boat.