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  • Towns of Leitrim

Dromahair Village

Dromahair is a picturesque village located on the banks of the river Bonet and along the shores of Lough Gill; it is a relatively short distance from Sligo.

Abbey Hotel Dromahair
Leitrim County Library

This picture was taken around the 1950s. The hotel is still in business today but has had quite a makeover. The old stone building has been completely restored and it's unique Victorian Conservatory replaced in every detail.

Creevylea Abbey

Close to the village is the ruins of Creevylea Abbey (pictured below), a Franciscan Friary that was the last to be built in Ireland before the dissolution of monasteries by Henry VIII.

Parke's Castle

Parke's Castle, built by Captain Robert Parke in 1609 is a short distance from Dromahair. It is an impressive fortified manor house along the shores of Lough Gill.

Parke's Castle is a popular tourist attraction and people can avail of a guided tour or view a slide show with the history of the area, or have a boat trip on Lough Gill.