Riverside City

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  • Aspects of Limerick City

Like most cities in Ireland, Limerick is a city that cannot afford to stand still. Whether it is trying to attract industries or tourists to the area, it is important to promote and develop the city as well as it possibly can. Limerick City is doing that with its plan for a Riverside City.

The Riverside City project is a partnership between many different agencies such as Shannon Development, Limerick County Council, Limerick City Council, Clare County Council and the University of Limerick.



The main aim of the Riverside City project is to develop Limerick City into "one of the great regional cities in Europe." This will be done by focussing their development on the banks of the River Shannon.

The plan is similar to the rejuvenation of the docklands on the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin.

It is hoped that in ten years time, over €1 billion will have been invested on this project and that over 5,000 new jobs will have been created.


The Riverside City project will concentrate on the new river crossing below Limerick City. It will then take in the Dockside, Quayside and City Centre areas before reaching the campus at the University of Limerick.

To reach the campus though, will mean the restoration of the Park Canal. This is possibly the most exciting aspect of the whole project.