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  • Beautiful Limerick Buildings

Ballinagarde House, Ballyneety


This black-and-white drawing shows Ballinagarde House in Ballyneety, Co. Limerick. It was built in 1774 and was the residence of the prominent Limerick family, the Crokers.

Legend has it that when on his deathbed, old John Croker, an owner of the house, was told that he was leaving Ballinagarde for a better place. He replied, 'I doubt it!'. The expression '"I doubt it", said Croker' is still used in the area to express disbelief.

Curraghchase House

This colour drawing shows Curraghchase House as it would have looked in 1937. Built in the eighteenth century, it was the home of the Hunt family.

Mountshannon House

 This colour drawing shows Mountshannon House, in the Castleconnell area, as it would have looked in 1900. Built by the White family in 1750, in 1765 it became the home of the Fitzgibbon family, including 'Black Jack' FitzGibbon , who was notorious for his zealous opposition to Catholic Emancipation and his role in quelling the 1798 Rebellion.
Thomas Nevins took over ownership of the house in 1839. It was later burned down as part of the War of Independence. Many great houses were subjected to arson attacks during the turbulent period of the 1920s.