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  • Aspects of Limerick

Introducing Rathkeale

Rathkeale, or in Irish Ráth Caola, means the 'Fort of Caoli', and can be traced back to 1289. The caeli were an ancient Irish tribe who came from the area.

Rathkeale is one of the biggest towns in Co. Limerick, and is situated in the west of the county, about twenty miles from Limerick City. It lies on the River Deel. In times past, it was a major market town for the surrounding area and held up to seven fairs a year.

Interesting Facts about Rathkeale

Did you know?

  • Rathkeale has a very large number of people from the Travelling Community. The town has a population of roughly 50% Travellers and 50% settled people.
  • In 1846, a hoard of old coins was discovered in Rathkeale. These coins were minted during the reign of Edward III (1327-1377). They may have been part of the spoils of the O'Brien victory at Monasternenagh in 1370.
  • In 1579, Rathkeale was burned down by Sir Thomas Malby after he defeated the Earl of Desmond, who had fled to hide in the town.