Religion and History of Rathkeale

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  • Aspects of Limerick

The town of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, has two large churches.

One is the Catholic Church, which was built in the 1860s.

The other is the Anglican church

Church of Ireland, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick

This photo shows an upper view of the Church of Ireland building in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick. Built in the 1831, the church contains a monument dating from 1676.

Limerick County Library.

, which was erected in 1831.

The churches are located at opposite ends of the town.

On the north side of the town, on the old Limerick Road, are the remains of an Augustinian Priory.

This is believed to have been founded in the thirteenth century by Gilbert Harvey for the Augustinian Canons.

The Augustinians were founded in 1256 and had spread across Europe, including to Ireland, by the end of thirteenth century.

Palatine Centre, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick In 1709, over 1,200 Palatines from Germany settled in Rathkeale under the patronage of Thomas Southwell. They came to Ireland to escape the French invasion of their native land and brought with them many new ideas in farming. This contributed much to the development of the town. Two people from this Palatine community, Barbara Heck and Philip Embury, emigrated to America, where they founded the first Methodist church there. Today there are over 14 million Methodists in America.