Legacy of the River Shannon

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  • Aspects of Limerick

The Shannon Estuary has historically made Limerick city an idea centre for trading. This is also true of several surrounding towns, such as Foynes.

The river has an abundant supply of fishing. Links from Foynes to Killaloe allows for transport and trade over a wide area. In the 1920s, the power of the Shannon was harnessed at Ardnacrusha

Ardnacrusha Power Station and Canal

Photo of the Shannon Hydro-Electric Scheme in the 1920s. A view of the power station and canal at Ardnacrusha on completion.

By permission of Clare County Library.

to provide electricity through the Shannon Hydro-Electric Scheme.

As well as giving its riches to the people of Limerick, the River Shannon has given its name to an entire region. The Shannon Region, in Ireland's Mid-West, comprises the whole of counties Clare and Limerick, South Offaly, North Kerry and North Tipperary. Limerick city is the capital of the region. Recognition of the importance of the river can be seen in the form of new buildings along its banks, guaranteeing the River Shannon's importance in Limerick life for many years to come.