Life After Collins

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  • Longford People

Photo of Kitty Kiernan (1892-1945)

Kitty was deeply heartbroken by the tragic death of Michael Collins. However, in 1925, three years later, she married Felix Cronin, Quartermaster General of the Free State Army. The couple had two sons, one of whom was christened Michael Collins Cronin.

On July 24th 1945, Kitty died of Bright's disease, an illness that had caused untimely deaths in her family previously. She is buried in Glasnevin Cemetry in Dublin, close to Michael Collins.

In 1996, the film Michael Collins was premiered and became a popular hit. Due to the popularity of the film, many people began to think and learn more about Michael Collins. There was much discussion and debate in the media and elsewhere, and Collins's role in Irish history gained a renewed appreciation.

Though in many ways a Hollywood film, much of it was shot in Ireland. Its director was Neil Jordan, the famous Irish film director. The film is a dramatisation of Collins's life, and includes his engagement to Kitty Kiernan. The information on the relationship was provided largely by the intricate detail found in their love letters. Kitty Kiernan was played by US actor, Julia Roberts.