Livestock and Tillage

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  • Aspects of Co. Meath

Feeding the Country

There are approximately 4,460 farms in Co. Meath. The average size of a farm in Meath is 40.2 hectares, compared with the national average of 31.4 hectares. About 2,190 farms specialise in beef production, while about 810 are dairy farms. Sheep and mixed livestock grazing account for another 975 farms. About 298 farms specialise in tillage.

The single most important farming enterprise in the county is beef production. In the past, calves were bought in the West and South of Ireland and fattened on rich Meath grass. Now most calves are born on Meath farms from the suckler cow herd. Dairy farming is the second most important agricultural enterprise in the county. The average dairy herd size is just over sixty cows.

The main crops grown in Meath are winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley and potatoes. Some of the heavy soils in Meath are famous for producing world-record yields of winter wheat. Potatoes are grown on over 4,000 hectares of land. More than 30% of the national crop is grown in Meath.