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  • Aspects of Monaghan

Patrick Kavanagh

Patrick Kavanagh is from the small farming town of Mucker, Inniskeen Parish, County Monaghan. He is one of Ireland's best loved poets.

When you read his poetry it is possible to get a real feeling for the place or person he is writing about.

"That man I saw in Gardiner Street
Stumble on the kerb was one,
He stared at me half-eyed,
I might have been his son."

This is a verse from his poem In Memory of my Father. After you read it close your eyes and visualise what has just been described. In only a few words, Kavanagh is able to create very memorable impressions. That is the sign of a very special poet!

Barry McGuigan

The second famous Monaghan man we we'll look at is Barry "the Clones Cyclone" McGuigan.

In a career spanning eight years, Barry won 32 of his 35 fights and became WBA Champion in 1985. Unlike many succesful boxers, Barry was also a very unassuming character outside the ring. His success coincided with a very troubled time in the north of Ireland. Barry purposely took no side in the conflict and was an inspiration to many like him who simply wanted peace.

It was his good nature as much as his boxing that endeared him to millions and made him a superstar.

Pat McCabe

Pat McCabe

Pat McCabe is the last Monaghan man to make it into our hall of fame. He was also born in Clones, six years befre Barry so it is very likely they bumped into eachother when growing up!

He is an award winning novelist and playwright, most famous for his book the Butcher Boy, which was made into a very successful film.