The Trams Return: the Luas

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  • Aspects: South Dublin

The construction of the Luas system began in August 1999 and took five years to complete. The service began operating in 2004. Like Dublin's DART system, the Luas has proven to be a great success. On average, it carries approximately 80,000 passengers daily.

Currently, there are two Luas lines, operating independently and serving different areas of South Dublin. The Red Line goes from Abbey Street in Dublin City Centre to Tallaght in southwest Dublin. The Green Line goes from St. Stephen's Green to Sandyford and uses part of the formation of the old rail route from Harcourt Street to Bray. There are plans to link the Red and Green lines in the city centre.

Passengers pay for their use of the Luas by buying tickets from vending machines at the Luas stops, or by buying a Luas SmartCard that allows them to pay for their travel in advance. In the coming years, the Government plans to expand the Luas to service more parts of Dublin.