Tipperary in the 1900s

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  • Aspects of Tipperary


The population of Tipperary in the early 1900s was not much different from the population of the county today.

In 1911, just over 150,000 people were recorded in the Census and, in 2002, the number of people living in Tipperary had fallen by just 10,000 people, to approximately 140,000.

Location, Location, Location

While there has been no great change in the numbers living in Tipperary over the last century, a change has occurred in relation to where in the county people choose to live. Attracted by the better job prospects in towns, people have been drawn away from the countryside.

Below is a picture of the town of Cahir in Tipperary in the 1950s. The towns of Tipperary have grown hugely since the 1950s, when this photo was taken.

The Castle, Cahir, Co. Tipperary

Below is a postcard of Cashel town in Tipperary from the 1950s.

Cashel from the Rock
National Library of Ireland

While most would have lived in the countryside 100 years ago, changes in the economy mean that fewer and fewer people are choosing to stay in rural areas. Changing times have provided new work opportunities, and it is also difficult for some farmers to survive from the land alone.