The Lighthouse and the Arts

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  • Aspects of County Wexford

Art: Kathleen Delaney

The Hook Lighthouse Visitor Centre was home to two large scale art works by Wexford based artist Kathleen Delaney. These works were officially unveiled in October 2003 by Wexford County Council. They are called 'Angels of the Sea' and 'Keepers of the Light'.

'Angels of the Sea' was created to honour the lives of all of those lost at sea. Like much of the artist's work, it is based on storytelling and myth. This in particular is based on a mystery story about six young girls from Fethard who disappeared in the 18th century.

'Keepers of the Light' is based around the four elemental forces which influence the Hook peninsula. They are earth, fire, water and air and are represented on the four different panels of the painting. This piece pays homage to the lighthouse keepers who were originally from Wales.


The Hook: A Place and a People is a piece of music which was composed to celebrate South West Wexford and its people. It was composed in 2005 by Vincent Kennedy and is 50 minutes long in its entirety.

It received its premiere on the 5th June 2005 at the Fethard Community Centre. Its first outdoor performance was at the Hook Lighthouse on 31st July of the same year.