Rural Sligo in the past

Population Decline in Rural Sligo

Although the Famine (1845-1849) greatly reduced the population all across Ireland, the decline continued for many years afterwards. The number of people living in rural Sligo has decreased even since the 1950s. Agricultural employment has declined and the number of families engaged in farming has dropped by one third.

Rural Ireland Case Study: Templeboy

Templeboy is a parish in West Sligo. In the 1841 the population of this parish was 3,812 while today it is only 474. The Famine caused an immediate decline but the number of people living here fell for many years afterwards as well.

Today many of residents of rural areas such as Templeboy commute to work in Sligo and other towns. Although not as many people farm the land here anymore other opportunities are becoming available. This windfarm in Kingsmountain, Templeboy is a recent development.


Lough Easky Quiz

Lough Easky Quiz