Wolfe Tone

Wolfe Tone was captured on board the Hoche in October, tried as a traitor and sentenced to hang. On the 11 November he cut his own throat but failed to kill himself, remarking wryly, 'I fear I am but a bad anatomist.' He died on 19 November, a martyr of Irish nationalism, and was buried at Bodenstown County Kildare.

A plaque bearing the words of Padraig Pearse commemorates his role in Irish history

Ni Siochan Gan Saoirse
Thinker and Doer
Dreamer Of The Immortal Dream And Doer Of The Immortal Deed,
We Owe To This Dead Man More Than We Can Ever Repay Him...
To His Teaching We Owe It That There Is Such A Thing As Irish Nationalism
And To His Memory Of The Deed He Nerved His Generation To Do,
To The Memory Of '98,
We Owe It That There Is Any Manhood Left In Ireland

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