Carlow Union Workhouse isometric view

George Wilkinson was responsible for the plans of Carlow Union Workhouse. A detailed isometric view of the Workhouse can be found in the Seventh Annual Report of the Poor Law Commissioners, 1841.

The isometric view of the building is from the east, showing the yards and rear of the Workhouse.

The main block was composed of a central three-storey block flanked by a two-storey block on either side. Two towers were situated on either side of the central block at rear. The tower blocks contained the stairwells.

A long single storey building linked the main building with an auxiliary building at the rear. This single-storey wing contained the dining hall. The kitchen and washhouse were placed to the left and right of the wing adjacent to the main block. The schools, one each for boys and girls, were located in two-storey structures at the extremities of the main building. Single storey buildings containing probationary wards were situated on either side of the main entrance gates.

The open spaces at the rear are defined as (a) Male idiot yard, (b) Male Infirmary yard, (c) Female Infirmary yard, (d) Female idiot yard. At the back of the main block were situated the Female yard (e) and the Male yard (f). In front of the main buildings were situated the (g) Girls yard and (h) Boys yard.

The Workhouse was built on the Kilkenny Road, Carlow on a site owned by Mr. Bailey which measured over seven and a half acres.

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