Election of Carlow Poor Law Guardians 1840

The election of Guardians for Carlow Poor Law Union (ie non ex- officio Guardians) took place in the Courthouse on Thursday, October 15th, 1840. The Carlow Sentinel (Saturday, October 17th) reported that the Courthouse was crowded to excess "such was the anxiety to hear the state of the poll". A large body of Conservatives filled the Grand Jury Gallery.

When the Returning Officer Edward L. Alma was about to declare the result of the poll he was interrupted by the dissenting voice of the Rev. James Maher protesting that the proceedings were illegal, unconstitutional and destructive of the franchise. His words were greeted with a solemn silence as he continued to explain his objections. He maintained that voting papers were not served on several people who were cess-payers. Furthermore some claims had been rejected on "frivolous, arbitrary and vexatious grounds".

The Returning Officer listened, but because the "document had not been given into court" he was unable to consider its contents. He continued by announcing the result of the proceedings. The following were retruned as Guardians:

William R. Stewart (Idrone West)
William Fishbourne (Carlow)
Samuel Haughton (Carlow)
W.R. Leckey (Carlow)
Simeon Clarke (Carlow)
A B. Feltus (Myshall)
Henry Newton (Kiltennal)
Arthur Fitzmaurice (Kiltennal)
John Rudkin (Borris)
George Whitney (Borris)
Beauchamp B. Newton (Bagenalstown)
Thomas Singleton (Bagenalstown)
Samuel Elliot (Kellistown)
John Whelan (Tullow)
Henry Cary (Fenagh & Nurney)
John Watson (Fenagh & Nurney)

Thomas Doyle (Tullow)
Pat Kehoe (Barragh)
Sylvester Donoughoe (Barragh)
Peter Fenlon (Myshall)
John Cummins (Idrone West)
Edward Lyons (Idrone West)
John Hanlon (Grangeford)

Divisions Declared Without a Contest Queens' County
Peter Gale (Shrule)
Joseph Fishbourne (Shrule)
John Haughton (Graigue)
William Butler (Graigue)
Robert Farrell (Graigue)
William C. Cooper (Arles)
Denis Kelly (Arles)

The total number of Guardians for Carlow Union was 40 including the ten Ex-Officio Guardians.

The Returning Officer Mr. Alma, assured the attendance that he had discharged his duty faithfully, impartially and zealously. He pointed out that he had not courted favour from the gentry nor bowed to the intimidation of the other side. "In turning to the Gentry and to Fr. Maher he made it quite clear to whom he had referred" according to the Sentinel.

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