Abolition of the Boards of Guardians

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Lifford to consider the suggestion of the Glenties Board of Guardians that a reduction should be made in the number of Workhouses in the County. Glenties, Carndonagh, Letterkenny, Stranorlar, Milford and Donegal Guardians were present. After discussion - M. F. Gallagher moved the following resolution. - This Meeting unanimously recommends the Donegal County Council to take over the Maintenance of the workhouses and make them a county charge. This meeting considers that the number of workhouses could be reduced and have all the inmates either boarded out or maintained in any one institution. This meeting also thinks that the infirmaries should be maintained by the county council - the existing workhouse system should be abolished forthwith - Mr. McElhinney seconded the resolution which was unanimously adopted.

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Read letter from Revs James Canon Gallagher, Catholic Chaplain dated 10th August 1920 applying for an increase of salary. A meeting to be noticed for 11th September to consider application.

Read letter from Martha Crawford Wardsmaid dated 30th July 1920 - applying for a war bonus, as she never applied for one before. To be considered on 11th Sept.

Read letter from Dáil Eireann, Department of Local Government, stating that they understand it is proposed to hold a conference in Lifford on 10th of August next to discuss the question of the Amalgamation of workhouses, we in this department feel that much good may result from such a Conference, and while believing that the ideal to be aimed at ought to be the complete abolition of these institutions and the substitution of a system of boarding out, and outdoor Relief with adequate inspection, we think that amalgamation is at least a step in the right direction. We trust your board will send delegates to the Lifford Meeting.

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