The Final Years of Milford Workhouse

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Read letter from Dr. Clarke Medical Officer stating that he will be absent from Dispensary on Tuesday first having to attend Lifford assizes. Relieving Officer to employ a substitute at the usual remuneration of 1 1 0 for one day.

Read letter from Local Govt Board dated June 1920 No. 35369 forwarding copy of a memorandum relative to the steps required to be taken on the occurrence of a case of smallpox.

Read the following letter from Nurse Mackey Fever Hospital Milford dated 10th July 1920.

Mr. Chairman + Gentlemen,

Please grant me the permission necessary to accept a trained Nurses Commission in the Irish Republican Army in case of mobilization and permission to instruct republican members in red cross work. I will bring an instructor at my own expense an eminent lady that won 5 silver Cups - ambulance work in the late war.

- Your Obedient Servant
Kathleen Mackey

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