Problems with Contractors

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Minutes of the Proceedings of the Board of Guardians of the Milford Union

16th February 1846


  • In the Chair Sir Jas Stewart Bart.
  • Other Guardians
  • John Law
  • John Sproule
  • Daniel Gregg
  • James Malseed
  • Samuel Trilly Humphrey Sheils
  • Colin Reid Danl McAteer
  • Thomas Hay
  • Robert Hay
  • Hugh Gallagher - also
  • C. G. Otway A[ssistant] P.[oor] L.[aw] C.[ommissioner]

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

The following Report from the Architect to the Commission transmitted by the Poor Law Commissioners was read relative to the state of the Workhouse.

Poor Law Offices,
February, 12th 1846

In obedience with your instructions I have surveyed the Milford Workhouse and I also attended the Meeting of the Board of Guardians on the 2nd Instant, to whom I reported that I considered the Contractor has satisfactorily performed all the Works which his Contract required of him. - I also stated that I found the Walls of the House very damp in some portions of the internal Walls; but considering the Season of the Year, the recent execution of the work, and the late unusually severe.

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severe wet weather which had prevailed it was not to be expected that they should be otherwise.

I am of [the] opinion however in the peculiar position of the Building it will never be possible to keep all external walls dry without the application of Plaster dashing or other covering and I stated that this was always contemplated, and would have been performed last Summer but from the objection made by the guardians in a communication conveyed from them through Mr. Senior the Assistant Poor Law Commissioner at a time when the Guardians learnt through the Contractor that an Estimate had been applied for. - As regards the occupation of the Building I am of opinion that when fires are used and by the time it will be required to receive the Paupers, that the building will be quite fit for them, presuming that arrangements are forthwith made for admitting them.

I apprehend that the Cost of the Plaster dashing will not exceed one Hundred Pounds and for this outlay the sum included in the building Loan is more than sufficient. The adjoining Letterkenny Work House has been plastered at an expense I believe of less than 70, and the House I am informed is quite dry. -
I heard when attending the Board of Guardians that objections were made to plaster dashing the building last Summer from the supposed great cost of the Work, and from the dislike to cover the carefully worked quorns of the building. - I may remark however that the Union has incurred.

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incurred no cost on this Account, the contractor having used cut stone quorns at his own cost, and for Strength and Credit Sake only - and that the Walls of the Building being erected in a way to be finished complete in the first instance without dashing leaving that to an after period has occasioned them to be better built by the Value of Several Hundred Pounds than of they had been contracted to be covered with plaster dashing. -

I beg leave to recommend that the plaster dashing the Walls is performed in the forthcoming Spring and that a local Contract is obtained for the Work, this Work as at Letterkenny need not in the least interrupt the occupation of the Building.

I have Etc.

George Wilkinson

To The Poor Law Commissioners
Etc - Etc - Etc

The foregoing report having been considered together with the Commissioners letter of the 29th Jan last. Resolved.

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