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Bord Gáis Energy Book Club

We at Bord Gáis Energy love books… we love reading and the world that reading opens up to us all. As our lives get busy and demanding, it’s often easy to forget to make time for yourself and lose yourself in a good book. We want to make it easy for you to digest the best books around and we hope our book club gives you some useful hints and tips to re-discover the world that books opens up to you.

The Bord Gáis Energy Book Club will air on Tuesday mornings at 9.35 with more book reviews and content available on the TV3 website.

Chester Beatty Library Members' Book Club:

Further information please contact: Mary Dowling on (01) 407 0759.

Club Leabhar

Club Leabhar is an online Irish language book club. As well as being a member of ClubLeabhar.com, you can take part in the activities of one of the Irish language book clubs throughout the country and abroad.
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Dine to Read

Dine to read is an online forum for book lovers, offering you the chance to discuss a wide range of book related topics. Our book club is open to everyone with a book interest. All types of books, all types of readers.

Eason Book Club

Eason Book Club Welcome to the Eason Book Club facebook page – for discussions, giveaways, and all the latest news from the world of books! Click on the ‘Discussions’ tab to see what our book-clubbers are talking about today!

Ennis Book Club Festival

The Ennis Book Club Festival is a wonderful social and literary gathering bringing together book club members and readers from all over Ireland and beyond. Supported by Clare County Library, the festival includes author readings, discussions, workshops and walking tours through the narrow streets and lanes of Ennis. We offer sessions on running book clubs and advice on reading lists, chocolate tastings, events as Gaeilge and an opportunity to compare notes and meet with other Book Club members.
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The Irish Times online book club

We’ll be reading a book a month, and when we’ve been going a while and got the hang of things, you’ll get a chance to choose the book you’d like to read and discuss.

The Reading Club

The Reading Club was formed to offer a unique reference point on starting and running your own reading and book club.


The Slow Readers book club

The Slow Readers book club Newstalk [106-108fm] has started a new feature on the show where every month Tom Dunne, Declan Cashin and some listeners review a book.


TV3 book club

TV3 book club, sponsored by Bord Gáis Energy.


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